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If you’re searching for wood fence repair companies nearby Dickinson, TX. We invite you to speak with the estimator at our fence company for affordable and quality built fences.

One of the easiest ways to help beautify your home is to either install or repair wood fencing. This attractive fence will really make your property look gorgeous, and when done correctly, can even help to increase the value of your home.

Homeowners have many questions about installing a wood fence. They wonder how to find the perfect company to make the repairs or installation. They wonder what type of wood fence would go best with their home and so much more.

Types of Wood Fencing

Depending on your particular type of property, the types of wood fencing to consider includes:

  • Privacy Fencing
  • Custom Fencing
  • Cedar Pickets
  • Pressure Treated
  • Kick Board
  • White Oake
  • Black Locust
  • Tropical Hardwoods
  • Stockade Fencing
  • Vertical Board Fencing

Ultimately, if you’re having a difficult time determining the right type of wood fencing for fence installation and fence replacement, we always recommend contacting a company that specializes in wood fence repair.

If you order the pickets, posts, nails, bags of concrete from Home Depot or Lowe’s. You may be able to save money on fence materials.

How To Find The Right Company For Fence Repair And Replacement

There are a number of different things that you can use to help determine the right fence company in Dickinson, Houston TX to fulfill your fencing needs.

  • Find a company with years of experience – this all ensures that they will get the job done right and help you make the perfect choice for your home.
  • Meet your budgetary requirements – some Houston fence repair and replacement companies are going to be out of your price range, and that’s okay. Find a company within your price range that does excellent work.
  • Previously happy customers – ask to look at pictures of some of the previous fences that they have built and ask the company to provide references that you can call. Or look at testimonials on their website. Use this information to help meet your wood privacy fencing needs.

You only need to give our fence company a call to schedule a free estimate. Our experienced fence crew is ready to get your fence put back in great condition.

Let us know your specific repair needs and we’ll work up a price to make the necessary repairs.

fence repair & replacement

Fence Repair Options

A lot of customers may need a number of pickets replaced that may have become loose over the years from a combination of wind and age.

We receive calls from residents that need us to put back a fence that’s leaning or completely fallen down due to high winds from a recent storm.

We will measure the length fence needing to be repaired or replaced. We take into account how many pickets, rails, and posts are needed.

In some cases, we can reuse the existing posts if they aren’t rotted or damaged. We will work with the customer to make sure we rebuild your fence to your current or new specifications.

We’ll provide you with a written estimate and the estimated time to complete the job for you.

Some fence repairs can be done in a day. In other cases, we may need to come back the next day to allow the posts to be set up in the concrete we used to set the posts.

We have many years of experience building and repairing wood fences for residents in Galveston County and surrounding areas.

We can supply the fence material and labor or price your repair job with labor only.

Customers wanting to buy their own materials have the option to request labor-only prices.

Call us today for a Free Estimate at (832) 688-4412.

Need Your Fence Cleaned? We’ve got you covered for the power washing service as well.

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