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Let Us Install A New Fence On Your Dickinson Texas Property.

Countless homeowners choose to have a fence installed on their property. They do so for a variety of reasons but get many of the same benefits. In addition, a property management company might expect to have a fence installed around a subdivision for many of the same reasons.

However, when doing so, the homeowner or property management firm must make numerous decisions regarding this barrier.

These decisions revolve around things such as the height of the fence and the material.

Our team is ready to assist in any way we can to ensure you get a fence that meets your needs in every way.

Furthermore, we remain available to help you maintain and fence repair the fence as needed.

We’ll discuss the various options and show you how different fencing materials and styles will look if installed on your property.

Doing so helps homeowners narrow down their choices, which many people appreciate.

Protect your land with the help of an aluminum or wood fence. Land encroachment remains a problem today, although many people don’t realize this. Don’t allow others to use your land without your permission.

You worked hard to pay for the property and should be able to use every inch however you desire.

In addition, a fence ensures you know exactly where the property begins and ends, which makes it easier to decide what features to add and where on the land.

When our team erects the fence, we ensure they know where the property lines are and remain within them. In addition, they know local code regulations regarding fences and make sure they abide by these regulations.

The owner will work with the homeowner and their homeowners’ association, if applicable, to complete this task in hopes of checking off all the boxes in an effort to minimize any problems with neighbors in the future.

Finally, a fence keeps prying eyes from seeing onto your property while reducing noise from outside sources.

We’ll help you choose a fencing material and design that offer the level of privacy you desire along with the noise reduction you need to fully enjoy your land.

Material Options

Homeowners frequently struggle to choose between the many fencing options available today.

As fence builders, we work with clients to determine which material best meets their needs.

An informed homeowner is our best customer, as they know what they will get before any work begins. As a result, they are more satisfied when the work is complete.

Therefore, we make recommendations based on what is right for the customer rather than what will offer us the highest profit.

A pressure-treated pine or cedar picket fence serves as the ideal option for many homes. This fence style complements many building styles so that it won’t look out of place on your property.

We can customize the height of the fence and the distance between pickets to offer the level of privacy you prefer, and this type of fence is easy to repair and maintain.

If you need help with either task, we’ll send someone out to handle it for you. All you need to do is ask.

However, many homeowners and property management firms today choose aluminum for their fences. Aluminum fencing holds up with time and can go up anywhere.

It works for both flat and sloped surfaces, leaving no gaps or awkward transitions. If you worry about unwanted intruders, we can install spikes at the top to deter them.

Homeowners love the low cost of this fencing option and appreciate not having to maintain it regularly to keep it looking good. In addition, the wood privacy fence adds to the curb appeal of the property, which every owner appreciates.

We enjoy installing it because it offers so many benefits, and we know our customers will love it as much as we do.


A fence is a wonderful thing, but accessories make it even better. Whether you need a gate to enter and exit the property or ornaments to make the fence your own, we can help.

Finials, ball caps, and a gravity latch are only a few of the many other items we can incorporate into your fence during the wood fence installation process, so feel free to ask about your options.

Residential Fence Repair in Dickinson TX

The time may come when your fence contractor needs repairs. Powerful storms can lead to damage to the fence, or someone may accidentally harm it while engaging in everyday activities. For example, a neighbor might damage a panel or two while playing ball with their child. The neighbor could hit or kick the ball harder than intended and knock a board loose. Situations like this call for a fence repair, and our team is ready to help. We’ll restore your fence to its previous condition and protect your investment in the process.

Contact us to discuss your fencing project or power washing needs in Dickinson. The owner will be open to sitting down with you and planning out the project, choosing the design and materials along the way to create a fence you love and one that adds value to your property.

Our work isn’t considered done until you are satisfied, which is why we prioritize planning.

We know that the more time we put in before any work begins, the happier our customers will be with the finished project, and satisfied customers are our goal. It’s why we opened our doors.

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Call us to request an estimate to build or repair your residential or commercial fence. He will schedule a time that works for you and him to meet at the property.

The estimator will walk the existing fence. He will record the measurements needed to replace the fence and discuss the scope of work needed to build and install your new fence.

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